18: Creative use of Reverb – Exercise in creating unusual reverbs

I thought I’d spend a session testing some of the things which I have learned through my process.

Firstly, I tried loading various randomly picked noises as IRs into Logic’s Space Designer. Some gave almost unusable results, but the properties of the sounds envelope were of great importance to its suitability. An elephants bellow, with an artificial fade out added to envelope the sound gave particularly interesting results. This is something I would like to experiment with again in the future, as the results can be not only wildly unpredictable, but sometimes breath-taking.

After this, I tried some experimentation with using IR-1 and filtering, gating, modulating, distorting and generally mangling its output with a range of input material. There was too much for me to easily document, but I feel it’s enough to say that I have gained some good ideas for how to make a “point of interest” reverb for future productions.


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