13: Creative use of Reverb – Research

An afternoon spent researching creative ways of using reverbs has thrown up some very interesting ideas.


This article, although not related directly to music makes some very interesting points. I find their tips on the use of unusual IR’s in convolution reverbs particularly interesting, and their way of relating reverb to the emotion of a moment and the ways in which the sense of space (or lack thereof) can evoke certain feelings is certainly something to consider.

I’m also VERY intrigued by this idea, presented in drum magazine:


It suggests that using microphones dangled inside containers such as metal trash cans etc in the room with a drum kit (or conceivably any sound source that is loud enough relative to the container) can create an interesting “trashy echo chamber”. Sadly, the link lacks any audio examples, but I shall definitely experiment with this in future recording sessions. It’s definitely a way to add more interest to drum recordings in the neutral (dare I say boring?) live rooms at LIPA.


The SOS link above is full of useful tips and quotes, although I found the article’s final thoughts about automation to be of the most benefit. Automating reverbs in and out through simple volume automation is a great start for dynamically altering a mix, but I feel that, when working with “in the box” verbs, automation of various other parameters such as room size and pre-delay could also have some interesting effects.

Overall, I’d say that my research has given me a lot to think about, and has altered the way in which I will think about reverbs and their uses in the future.


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