8 – Outlining my next 3 key areas

After some thought, I’ve identified the key areas that I feel need improvement.
My feedback threw up a lot of the same issues as before, so this is mostly from my own experience of where I feel I could improve.

1. Creative use of Reverb

-Making use of contrast in the right places

-Using Reverb in “un-realistic” ways

-How “Big” should a space be?


2. Mixing & Tracking Electric Guitars

-Working with tone during tracking and mixing

-Best use of compression

-Adding interest to Rhythm sections


3. Pianos

-Using appropriate pianos (or samples) for material

-Use of stereo space

-What compression is appropriate?


In addition to this, I’ve been informed of an app called Quiztones which gives quizzes on spot frequencies and EQ boosts.
I feel that this ties quite nicely into what I mentioned in an earlier post about improving the resolution of my frequency recognition. So, further to this, and also in preparation for my exam, I shall spend some time this afternoon testing myself with this app


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